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    Aero Business Group, Inc.

    We are an Independent Sales Representation team located in the Air Capital of Aviation, Wichita, Kansas.

    We focus our sales and marketing efforts on both the major aircraft OEM’s and their sub-tier aircraft and aerospace suppliers.


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    The Aero Business Group is a strong, independent Manufacturers Representation team that can grow and sustain the sales penetration of our Principals in the Kansas aviation/aerospace market.


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    The extensive background and experiences of the Aero Business Group covers a wide range of capabilities and strengths in Aircraft Manufacturing...parts and equipment, systems, structures, sub-assemblies, detailed parts, fabrication, machining, welding and tooling.

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Welcome To Aero Business Group

Aero Business Group is an aggressive sales organization that functions as a Manufacturer’s Representative helping our Principals grow existing business and gain additional sales penetration in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. We have extensive experience with Spirit AeroSystems, Cessna Aircraft, Bombardier Learjet and Hawker Beechcraft...where we coordinate at all levels within these organizations including purchasing, supply management, engineering, marketing/sales, corporate management and product support.

As an Independent Aviation and Aerospace Sales Representation firm, we bring a broad variety of talent, experience and skill sets in manufacturing, operations, engineering, purchasing, sales and marketing, general management and consulting.

Aero Business Group is committed to helping our Principals successfully build and grow their aviation and aerospace sales within our areas of responsibility...as well as finding and developing new opportunities for their products and services. In all our activities we act as a solid, ethical and professional representative supporting your company’s goals, objectives and reputation.

Because of frequent and often major personnel changes in OEM customer organizations, combined with changing expectations and revised product development requirements being passed down to suppliers. . . . . . .a professional manufacturer’s agent firm such as ours represents the most effective sales channel for both small and large manufacturing companies.

Events & Updates

Posted June 2013
The Market for the small to mid-sized jets being built in Wichita is under pressure from three major forces:
1. Concern for global economic recovery and potential Middle East destabilization are holding buyers back. The increased value of the dollar over the past quarter is negatively impacting export sales.
2. Stock prices are close to record levels driven by unprecedented margin improvement. There is a real concern that this could reverse and take the market lower… causing a lack of confidence and therefore an unwillingness to commit to new aircraft purchases.
3. A multi-year effort by the current administration to denigrate corporate aircraft owners as rich and excessive has created a negative public perception of our industry. This, combined with the threat of new taxes and fees, is having a chilling effect on potential aircraft sales.

Posted June 2013
As a result of the factors stated above, there is limited optimism here in Wichita. Cessna has recently reduced line rates and announced further layoffs. We expect the balance of this year will see reduced overall deliveries from the Wichita manufacturers. Growth in the deliveries for 2014 and 2015 should only be in the 3%-5% per year range.

Posted June 2013
Beechcraft has recently announced they intend to sell the Hawker 4000 and Premier lines to generate cash. We believe this is unlikely to be accomplished…and if it does happen it will not provide a significant amount of free cash. In the short term Beechcraft will be dependent of cash flow from King Air sales, and longer term it will need to rely on much greater penetration of the International market for the J-PATS trainer. New products may be in the intermediate pipeline but they will only drain cash. We still expect the most likely outcome will be the sale of the company by year end or not later than June of 2014.

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About Us

We have a unique combination of talent and experience to offer our Principals. Located in the “Air Capital of the World” – Wichita Kansas, we can monitor the dynamic and ever changing aviation/ aerospace industry.


Why Choose Us?

Aero Business Group provides an exceptional depth of aviation/aerospace experience which will provide our Principals with consulting advice and guidance on customer status, plans and activities.


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Please contact us and learn more about Aero Business Group, Inc. 151 South Whittier, Suite 2000, Wichita, KS 67207

Tel: (316) 689-4272